Demonstration April 25th 2014 United Nations New York City Head Quarters

Demonstration April 25th 2014 United Nations New York City Head Quarters

During the annual commemoration and celebration of the Hari Proklamasi (National Day), April 25th 1950, international attention will be asked from the United Nations, at New York Head Quarters.

April 25th 2014 the national Moluccan flag will be flying in front of the UN building, the Moluccan national anthem will be sung and international attention will be asked for the rights of the Moluccan people. This demonstration emphasizes the collective right of self-determination and individual human rights of the Moluccan people on Maluku.

The international community is specifically requested to:
1. pay serious attention to the rights of the Moluccan people (collectively and individually);
2. critically evaluate the course of action of the local and central Indonesian authorities;
3. address the Indonesian authorities with regard to their responsibility an duty to comply with international law and Moluccan customary law.

The right to self-determination (politically, socially, and economically)
The lawful Proclamation of the South Moluccan Republic (April 25th 1950) is also based on international treaties, namely the Treaty of Linggadjatie (1947) and the Round Table Conference of The Hague (1949). After the foundation of the United Nations (26 juni 1945) international principles were recorded in the charter of the United Nations.

The Moluccan people of Maluku appeals to above agreements and pursues acknowledgment of her right to self-determination as a people, like the peoples of West-Papua and Atjeh.
Human rights (politically, socially and economically)
We demand:
1. immediate stop to the structural violations of individual human rights;
2. freedom of speech;
3. the right to a fair and transparent judicial process (as well as after care) for all political prisoners;
4. respect for and protection of cultural inheritance;
5. respect for and protection of environmental rights (stop the deforestation in Maluku).

As of early April 2014 the Indonesian authorities have tightened up militairy measurements on the Moluccan islands to obstruct the celebration of the Proclamation.

The demonstration is an initiative of M.P. Tamaëla together with the Moluccan Human rights NGOs Mena Muria Foundation Human Rights Moluccas (South-East Asia) and Perintis Aksi Kilat/Foundation for Keeping Moluccan Civil and Political Rights (PAK-FKMCPR).

Dengan hormat/Sincerely Yours,
M.P. (Theo) Tamaëla Lt. APRMS

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